Is this a story you will love to hate?

In this post you will learn:

  1. Why I’m out of Jail, but still I’m a “Prisoner”,
  2. Why Raina’s letter “nails” my “situation”, and
  3. Why I need to “make you” tons of “digital” Money.

I will either end up;

  1. Dead,
  2. In Federal Prison for 90 years or more, or
  3. Victorious, Free, and back in business.
    Which is how I ended up, victoriousbut their torture eventually killed me?

PS: I have put people in place would something unexpected happen to me. It is not important “when” I got out or “where” I am. What is important is, ARE YOU READY? 

Check out ¨the mindfuck statement¨ by a cop

YES, if you haven’t heard… I HAVE BEN RELEASED!

Thanks much to Raina… my unique friend…. my “Civil Rights“ Advocate… my Redeemer, I was finally let out of jail wearing an “ankle bracelet” and a “sweat patch” pending Federal and state Jury Trials. But since I am on ankle bracelet, I am still “considered a prisoner”. The UNITED STATES is threatening to give me a maximum sentence of 60 (sixty) years in the Federal case plus the STATE OF MISSOURI is threatening to give me 7 (seven) years on the STATE case for alleged “crimes” that I have been falsely and unlawfully acused of (in addition to the 30 years in state prison for thew same charges that would give me 60 years in fed prison for a total of over 97 years in lockup). If you have been following my activity at, you know why this is happening to me.

You should learn and earn from it!

  1. They unlawfully took all my belongings away from me.
  2. They purposely made my bond excessive and CASH ONLY…
  3. Then they illegally/unethically procrastinated for over 6 months before they let me out under constant supervision

Over the years…

I have been told by friends and family that “I would get setup, framed, railroaded, and even killed” for exposing the truth, helping Mother Nature, and exposing THE MATRIX. But, I didn’t listen. Who would rather live for the wrong reason than die for the right cause? Either way, I continued to educate and help people just like you, and I did it for FREE for 7 years. I continued to invent and promote healthy and positive alternatives to many of today’s industrial complexes. Dumbass?

We are supposed to have

“Rights and Freedom”, right?

WRONG? (David will tell you)

If you remember the conference calls and webinars you’ve heard with me, I always “joked” by saying “they have the guns”, and now I know first hand that YES, they DO have THE GUNS. I guess you can’t expose the truth, help the people stand up without getting in a “jam” and suffering the “consequences”, huh?

If I told you that I just spent about 7 months in “jail”:

  1. On what we all believe to be an invalid arrest warrant,
  2. without an arraignment nor a formal lawful hearing,
  3. without an injured victim claiming damage caused by me,
  4. being unlawfully denied counsel and in severe violation of due process,
  5. with many of my filed documents “mysteriously disappearing” from the court file,
  6. with all the Judges disqualifying themselves to hear my case and being denied access to the courts,
  7. on 24/7 lock-down for the first 4 1/5 months and then in maximum security,
  8. in isolation most of the time,
  9. in constant excruciating pain suffering over a dozen life threatening seizures/mini-strokes due to my neurological condition called Arterial Venous Malformation (AVM),
  10. Tortured periodically, 6 molars crushed, walked in, got wheelchaired out.
  11. Being refused emergency medical attention and hospitalization,
  12. Insulted, discriminated upon, and dehumanized,
  13. maliciously labeled an enemy of the state,
  14. maliciously labeled a menace to society,
  15. maliciously labeled “the leader of the freeman cult”,
  16. unlawfully divested of all my earthly belongings… even my toothbrush…

… would you actually believe me?

And no, this didn’t happen in Cambodia, Guantanamo (Cuba), nor Abu Grahib (Iraq) it is happening in Lincoln County, Missouri.

How wicked is that?

And now.. I’m on house arrest and sweat patch. However, although I’m not in jail anymore, it is far from over, I have the fight of my life before me. They can’t stop me legally nor lawfully, so they HAD to throw bogus charges against me, yes, they had to try to stop me somehow, wicked!


“Funny” thing is, I didn’t do didily squat (but they sent in SWAT). I am as far from a criminal as you can get, I obey the law to the “T”, I am peaceful, and Conscious, you can obviously see that on my web site and hear that on my teleconference and webinar lectures (which I have conducted “religiously” 3 times a week for over 12 YEARS).

I’ve been falsely, maliciously, and unlawfully accused of:

  1. “Conspiracy”, “Manufacturing”, and “Profiteering” from drug activity, to wit; methamphetamine (20 Years max per count to be “served” consecutively = 60 years).
  2. I also have the other bogus “State Case (which is the case I have been in jail for almost 6 months for (I got arrested only weeks after the bogus drug charges, remember?) where they allege I “threatened a Judge”.
  3. There has been a collusion to divest me of all my belongings, they broke the Rules, and now they prosecute me as if I’m “the bad guy”? For the next few months, you have a ticket to watch the most amazing cases I have had the disgust to be witness to. I wish my name was not allover it. But I understand why I have been maliciously, falsely, and unlawfully accused of ridiculous crimes. don’t you?

They will try to make You and the Juries believe;

  1. That I am a “Drug Kingpin who threatens Judges”,
  2. That I am an “Enemy of the State & Public Enemy #1”,
  3. That they have evidence beyond reasonable doubt.

“Their mark” is on my forehead, I have lost my “Free(dom)”

Thanks to what they put me through the past 6 months, I face the fight of my life both healthwise and legally. I thank you for your support and loyalty through this extremely difficult time for my family, friends, and me. Right now, I am not at liberty to inform you exactly when I was let go out of “jail” or what my exact current physical location is… but I need to help you help me… yes… I need your help… the good news is that it will make both you an me tons of money (and I need to do it in record time)

Luckily for me, I have the best help I could ask for,

  1. You will hear a lot from Raina, my Civil Rights and Lay Advocate, a lethal weapon against injustice and corruption, a master in holding them accountable when they exceed their authority just because they have the guns.
  2. You will hear from David, who has open my eyes wide and deep, the MATRIX SOLUTION personified, I can’t wait to put your ear to his words.
  3. You may even hear from whoever my attorney / Public Defender ends up being, which until just recently, I have been unlawfully denied and who I must have because the courts simply refuse to hear me?

I will explain more in my coming emails and conference calls.,.. but…

Just look below and read the Synopsis Raina of Sentinel of The Rockies Advocacy Program wrote reviewing “MY WICKED SITUATION… she also wrote a similar letter to my “public defenders” but got no response… why?

———Beginning of Raina’s Letter/Synopsis————————————->


4XXXX xxx RD Lxxx Lxxx, WA XXXXX xxx-xxx-xxxx

Raina G. Weiser, MA – Executive Director – April 17, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

Our project’s services were retained for Dario Busch by his Naturopathic Physician, Dr. George Freibott, IV, President of the American Naturopathic Association, ANA.  Dr. Freibott felt like Mr. Busch’s rights were being violated by Lincoln County and as well, he did not feel that Mr. Busch would receive proper medical care inside a county jail.  Our project is a non-profit Prisoner’s Rights Advocacy Project incorporated in the state of Washington.  We provide civil rights advocacy to the public at large in order to support our Prisoner’s Rights project. Our Project charges a fee for retainer of project services and for the expenses of the case but we do not charge fees for time spent in advocacy.  We are not attorneys and we do not provide legal advice to our clients.  We are lay advocates.  We act as witnesses for our clients and the public at large to all legal proceedings; meetings; etc. that involve our client’s rights.  As well, we provide research, consultation and referral services when needed.  If our clients feel like their rights are being violated by government; courts; private business etc., we do our best to assist them in gathering information and/or evidence to support and/or clarify their position.  If it appears to us, and to our clients, that they are being discriminated against and/or their rights are being violated; we assist clients in the process of pursuing a remedy and relief for the violations. In Mr. Busch’s case we did not have an opportunity to investigate the first charge that Lincoln County brought against him before he was arrested on the second charge of Tampering with a Judicial Officer.  Mr. Busch was arrested on September 30, 2009 and held on a $15,000.00 bond for allegedly accusing his judge in a civil case of “Conspiracy, Forgery and Racketeering.”  (See Attachment) Mr. Busch suffers from a rare brain disorder known as “Arterovenous Malformation,” or AVM.  The disorder causes the blood vessels in the brain to entangle into a ball which interferes with the normal flow and supply of blood to the brain and can cause brain hemorrhage at any time. 

Senator Johnson from the state of South Dakota almost died from an AVM that burst in 2006.  ( According to his medical records, Dario’s risk of brain hemorrhage increases under conditions of stress.  In my opinion, he is not “fit for confinement” in any jail because officers and medical staff are not qualified to diagnose a brain hemorrhage or seizure/stroke caused by an AVM, nor are they qualified to treat someone suffering from this disorder.  Dario suffers from chronic migraines and sinus infections as well as muscular weakness and depression.  Dario was able to positively affect some of his symptomatology with the assistance of Oxygen Therapies provided by Dr. Freibott however; Lincoln County jail refused to administer these vital supplements to Dario causing his health to decline during his 142 day incarceration.  Mr. Busch could walk without assistance prior to his arrest, but by the time he was released through Pre Trial services he was being wheeled into court in a wheel chair.  Our issue with Lincoln County Jail is an 8th Amendment right issue to be free from cruel and unusual punishment.  Dario’s Embassies, both Bolivia and Sweden agreed and sent letters to Lincoln County jail on Dario’s behalf that were ignored by jail staff. The other civil rights violations that our project is concerned with for Mr. Busch is that he was denied his right to counsel by Lincoln County courts and Public Defender’s Office and as a result; Mr. Busch’s right to Due Process was also severely violated.  Dario was arrested on September 30, 2009 and did not receive his first official appearance in front of a judge until December 22, 2009.  As well, the court denied Mr. Busch’s request for appointment of counsel; request for release on his own recognizance and request that the hearing be held on the record.  The entire proceedings were held off the record in open court and therefore not subject to a transcript that could substantiate an appeal. 

Mr. Busch was incarcerated 142 days without arraignment and without a Preliminary Hearing.  When family and friends retained an attorney for Dario these violations were, in effect, swept under the carpet. Dario was arrested on drug charges on August 21st, and bonded out on a $75,000.00 Surety Bond.  His judge, Amy Kinker, denied him a public defender.  Dario was arrested again on September 30th for allegedly Tampering with a Judicial Officer and Amy Kinker again denied Dario a public defender.  Kinker’s reasoning for denying Dario a Public Defender was that he had posted a Surety Bond and owned a home and could therefore, hire his own counsel. On October 21st Kinker stepped down in the Tampering case for Conflict of Interest but did not step down in the drug case.  Subsequently, all of the other Associate Judges in Lincoln County stepped down in the Tampering case leaving Dario no judge to hear his motions.  The Missouri Supreme Court Administrator finally appointed Judge Gary Wallace from Shelby County to Dario’s case.  All of this took three months during which time Dario’s health seriously declined inside jail. On December 22nd Judge Wallace denied Dario public defense in the Tampering case which perpetuated the violation of his right to due process. 

Now that the federal government has picked up the drug charges, and Lincoln County has dismissed their drug case against him; these violations of Dario’s civil rights are conveniently ignored.  To the public at large, relying on the Missouri Court’s Case.Net, it appears that Dario was never arrested and/or prosecuted for drug charges by Lincoln County which, to our project, is deceptive on the part of the court.  If the Internet file is deleted does that also mean that his paper file is destroyed? In addition to the above civil and constitutional rights issues; Dario’s rights under the 1858 Treaty of Peace, Friendship, Commerce and Navigation between the United States and Bolivia, and all subsequent treaties of peace with Bolivia, have been grossly violated by Lincoln County and the state of Missouri.   The public has an interest in those violations as it puts the American people at risk of lawsuit for breach of treaty/contract, not only on behalf of Bolivia but Sweden as well. 

Dario Busch was severely harmed by Lincoln County courts and police department. His cause needs to be articulated both verbally and in writing for the record in United States court as Lincoln County and the state of Missouri have effectively barred the truth from their record by dismissing Dario’s case and wiping it off the Internet. After careful review of not only Dario Busch’s criminal cases, but his civil cases; it appears to our project that there was collusion on the part of the judges in Lincoln County, if not Lincoln County as a whole, to effectively divest Dario Busch of every thing he owns; impede his ability to pursue his livelihood; take away his freedom and put his life at risk. 

Dario was being sued civilly in Lincoln County courts by more than one business associate prior to his first arrest.  As soon as Dario was arrested the first time the attorney for the Plaintiff in one of his civil cases, petitioned the court to put a restraining order against Dario to keep him from the show house that he had built with his building materials.  The Plaintiff’s attorney alleged that the house was left unprotected with Dario in jail and her client’s interest in the house and property was at prejudice. 

The Petition was filed on August 27th.  Dario bonded out on August 28th. Judge Dan Dildine signed the Restraining Order ex parte(s)on September 2nd.  Dario filed a motion to disqualify Dan Dildine for prejudice. The hearing for the restraining order took place on September 16th. On September 16th, after reviewing Dario’s motion to disqualify him; Judge Dildine asked Dario if he was accusing him of Conspiracy, Forgery and Racketeering.  Dario thought for a minute and said, “Yes.”   Dildine then stepped down not because he agreed with Dario’s accusation of prejudice but because under Missouri rules he can change his judge one time without cause. That same day, Associate Judge Ben Burkemper granted the Plaintiff’s Petition for a restraining order and signed a Preliminary Injunction barring Dario from the show house and all of its contents even though Dario was standing in the court room vouching for the court that the house was protected.  That day, Dario walked out of the courtroom divested of all of his corporate assets.

On September 17th, Judge Ben Burkemper issued a Warrant for Dario’s arrest accusing Dario of “Tampering with a Judicial Officer” which is a Class C felony and holds a maximum penalty of seven years in prison. The Probable Cause statement that was attached to Burkemper’s Warrant alleged that Dario accused Judge Dildine conspiracy, forgery and racketeering.  Burkemper set a $15,000.00 cash only bond on Dario knowing that Dario had just been restrained from his place of business and all of his company’s property and assets. Dario was arrested on Burkemper’s Warrant on September 30th when he accompanied his fiancé to the courthouse as she was appearing in her legal matters.  From that point on, Dario’s health began to rapidly decline inside Lincoln County Jail due to lack of proper medical care and due to the conditions of confinement that deprived him of good nutrition; necessary supplements and vital oxygen. On October 6th Dario appeared in front of Judge Amy Kinker on video in an unrecorded and undocumented hearing on the Tampering case. 

Dario asked Kinker for a Public Defender.  Kinker denied Dario’s request claiming that he had two houses he could sell to retain an attorney and he had posted a Surety bond in the drug case.  Dario argued that he did not pay the bond; his mother and business associate paid the bond.  Kinker ignored Dario’s arguments.  In addition, Dario informed Judge Kinker that one of the houses she referenced belonged to his business associate and the other house was his company’s show house and the court had put a restraining order on it so Dario had no access to it.  Kinker was fully aware of the restraining orders giving full control of his show house and corporate assets to the Plaintiff but refused him counsel anyway. 

As well, since Kinker was the presiding judge in the drug case she also knew that the show house was alleged to have been used to repeatedly manufacture methamphetamine which, in fact, should have rendered the house unsellable leaving Dario with no assets he could use to retain private counsel. Dario didn’t have another hearing until October He had submitted a formal Motion for Appointment of Counsel and submitted affidavits and evidence to prove that he did not pay his own Surety Bond and did not have possession of the company show house.  Dario appeared in front of Judge Burkemper. Burkemper stepped down for Conflict of Interest without appointing Dario counsel. 

Dario collapsed as he was leaving the courtroom and had to be taken out in a wheel chair.   All other associate judges stepped down for Conflict of Interest. For almost a month Dario had no judge sitting on his case.  He had no attorney and could not schedule any hearings.  His health continued to decline inside jail while police officers and medical staff refused to take him to the emergency room when he had a seizure or make an appointment for him to see a Neurologist. On November 4th Judge Ben Burkemper finalized the restraining order in a Judgment and Order permanently divesting Dario of all of company’s possessions; house and property and, as well, dissolved the company itself.  

Burkemper issued his default order all the while knowing full well that Dario was in jail and could not appear to represent himself.  Dario Busch had been under siege civilly for three years.  He was sued into virtual bankruptcy and could not afford an attorney to represent his case.  He was arrested and accused of “cooking methamphetamine nightly” for profit.  If he was profiting from manufacturing methamphetamine where is the money?  Why didn’t he hire an attorney to defend his civil and criminal cases? In my opinion, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of the state of Missouri has assumed a corrupt case from the County of Lincoln which is tantamount to Fruit of the Poisonous Tree. We have posed questions to Dario’s federal public defender that have yet to be answered.  The United States did not participate in the investigation of this case so where is their interest? 

Was U. S. Attorney, Sirena Whissler, involved in the investigation conducted by city detective Raymond Floyd?

Is it standard procedure for U.S. Attorneys to pick up felony drug cases from local counties when they have no involvement in the investigation?  What is their criterion for picking up a case like this?  Does Dario’s case fit the criteria, or does it not?  Would the United States have picked up this case if it weren’t for Dario Busch? Who alerted them to the case and why? I have reviewed the Affidavit for Search Warrant signed by Detective Floyd which is not included in his discovery.  I have several questions about that Warrant.  First of all, there was no probable cause hearing to obtain the Warrant.  Is it standard procedure to obtain a Search Warrant in the state of Missouri without a hearing?  I ask this question because out here in our Western states our judges conduct a hearing on record before they issue a Search Warrant.  The judge that signs the Warrant has to be sitting on the bench in open court in order to issue a Warrant unless the state can prove exigent circumstances.  Did Mr. Floyd go into the judge’s chambers to get him to sign the Warrant? 

Did he hand the Warrant to the clerk and ask her to get the judge to sign? Where was the judge when he signed the Warrant? As well, out here in the West, the prosecutor typically has to establish the credibility of their informant for the record before the judge will accept the informant’s word for anything and the informant needs to appear in the court room for the judge to question in order to establish the informant’s credibility.  The judges don’t just take the word of the detective that someone told them something; they have to present the informant to the court as proof and evidence of what they were told. In addition, Floyd starts out his Affidavit with, “On Friday, August 21, NET worked a drug investigation….” .

At no time does he say “why” he worked a drug investigation; where is the probable cause for his investigation?  The word “worked” is past tense as if the investigation was already concluded, however; the discovery information reveals that the investigation continued for over a month after Dario was placed under arrest.  Is it standard procedure in the state of Missouri to arrest first and investigate later?  After review of Dario’s discovery I have numerous questions not the least of which is why is Raymond Floyd the only law enforcement officer involved in this investigation? Why was Floyd randomly reviewing pharmacy logs in June, July and August?  Is it standard procedure for him to walk into pharmacies in Troy whenever he wants without warrant or probable cause and request their logs? 

Another question I have is why, if all these people told Floyd that methamphetamine was being manufactured nightly in the house at 51 Parkview Lane; why wasn’t Hazmat called in the day of the search and arrest?  Why wasn’t that house condemned until it could be cleaned?  Why was Dario allowed to go back inside the house after he bonded out? I have traveled to New York and Washington D.C. with Dr. Freibott to meet with Dario’s embassies and to acquire a sealed copy of the treaty between the United States and Bolivia from the National Archives.  As well, Dr. Freibott and I traveled to Missouri with Dario’s mother and a representative of the Bolivian Embassy in D.C. to attend Dario’s hearing on December 22nd

Our project consistently pressured the system in Troy to provide Dario with counsel and proper medical care.  There was no relief for Dario until the United States stepped in to the case.  Through our project’s advocacy, the U.S. Marshals transferred Dario from Lincoln County jail to another jail and Dario was later released to home confinement on bond. Dario still has an uphill battle ahead of him not only with his legal issues but with his health as well.  In the Tampering case Dario dismissed the attorney that his mother and friend retained for him because the attorney was incompetent.  Dario was finally appointed a public defender after pressure from the Swedish Consulate in St. Louis. 

We are now hoping that both the Swedish Embassy and the Bolivian Embassy will assist in pressuring the court to allow Dario to change his venue to St. Louis City in St. Louis County under Missouri court rule 32.03. Rule 32.03 affords a defendant change of venue as a “matter of right” if the county that is prosecuting them is smaller in population than 75,000.  Lincoln County is only a little over 45,000 in population.  We requested a change of venue under this rule in Magistrate Court however; Judge Gary Wallace moved Dario’s case to Pike County which is even smaller in population than Lincoln county.  We filed again in Circuit Court in front of Judge John Moon.  The hearing on the cause is scheduled to be heard on April 22nd. Dario’s 142 day incarceration ordeal was unconscionable. 

While in Lincoln County Jail, Lt. Lathrom refused to answer the Inmate Request Forms that Dario submitted requesting proper medical treatment.  Lathrom threatened Dario while on the phone with me and others and then made good his threat by turning off Dario’s phone and turning on the air conditioner causing Dario to suffer a bad cold.  Other inmates came into the medical unit and were released on their own recognizance for health issues that were not life threatening yet Dario was held without medical treatment while he suffered seizures caused by a life threatening brain disorder. Lt. Lathrom applied a very excruciatingly painful procedure he called a “Sternal Rub” to Dario when Dario was passed out from a seizure.  The officers and staff repeatedly cursed at Dario; intimidated Dario and treated him with disdain, all of which lends to a continuous state of stress for Dario with very little relief. Fear of future incarceration and violations of his rights exacerbates Dario’s health problems and increases his risk of seizure/stroke and/or brain hemorrhage. 

Dario has reported that since his release by the federal government on his ankle bracelet he has suffered reoccurring nightmares about his arrest and incarceration and has suffered one seizure since he came home. Dario has been prescribed medicine for pain therapy and depression all due to his experience in Lincoln County Jail.  As an American citizen I am outraged to know how a citizen from another country that we are in treaty with has been treated by our judicial system.  I believe that one way or another, it is imperative that Dario’s immediate decline in health and well-being that ensued from his treatment in Lincoln County Jail be brought to the attention of the federal court however; his present federal attorney does not believe it will do any good. Dario’s health issues should take precedent over federal prosecution.  His health issues are extremely complex not just because he suffers from a rare brain disorder, but because he has chosen a Naturopathic approach to health care due to the relief of symptoms he gets when he utilizes natural healing therapy. 

Dario’s primary physician, Dr. George Freibott, cannot properly care for Dario when he cannot see Dario and Dario cannot travel to visit him.  Dr. Freibott needs to monitor and document Dario’s progress.  He has recommended that Dario receive Neurological testing to determine the extent of damage he suffered while in jail and to assess any changes in the AVM over the past ten years.  (See attached letter from Dr. Freibott)  Dr. Freibott is concerned that prolonged use of anti-depressants and pain medication will reduce Dario’s oxygen levels and exacerbate the AVM. I think that it is imperative that Dario’s attorney become knowledgeable about Dario’s AVM so he can properly present his health issues to the court. Ten years ago, medical doctors were pretty adamant that the only treatment for Dario was surgery and/or radiation.  Dario’s doctors recommended further testing but the testing was dangerous and could result in death or permanent debilitation.  Dario was afraid of this test and chose not to have it done.  His current Neurologist has recommended that Dario continue to treat his symptoms with natural remedies since he reports they are giving him relief.  We are now awaiting the federal judge’s decision on Dario’s request to extend time to file Pre Trial motions and continue his trial date.  Our project’s civil rights concern is that Dario Busch be not prosecuted unto death for the sake of prosecution. 

It is not in the public’s interest to continue prosecuting a man with the percentage of risk for brain hemorrhage from an AVM that Dario Busch has especially when he is protected under treaty and charged with a non-violent crime. There was espionage within his company leading up to the civil law suits against Dario.  Dario began to search the Internet for information to help him fight his civil cases because he couldn’t afford to retain a private attorney.  Unfortunately the advice that Dario was given, and the action he chose to take, put him at odds with the judicial system in Lincoln County and did not achieve the intended outcome.  As a result, the courts and the county began to abuse their power to punish Dario.  Prejudice in the courtroom reared its ugly head and the rest is history. This is probably the most blatant civil rights case that our project has ever advocated. 

At minimum our clients are appointed a public defender albeit ineffective, and allowed a first appearance and/or Preliminary Hearing within a reasonable amount of time therefore, I reported these civil rights violations to someone at the Governor’s office in Jefferson City that referred me to the Missouri state Attorney General’s office.  I reported the violations to Page Bellamy, Assistant Attorney General in Jefferson City.  Mr. Bellamy promised to investigate my complaint however; Bellamy spoke one time in October to someone in Lincoln County that told him Dario had been offered a public defender but declined the offer.  When I asked Mr. Bellamy who he spoke to and asked for a date and time that Dario was supposed to have declined a Public Defender; Mr. Bellamy refused to answer.  From that point on it became obvious to me that the entire state of Missouri was supporting Lincoln County’s ill treatment of Dario Busch and violations of his rights under treaty and the Constitution of the United States of America. 

For this reason, Dr. Freibott and I traveled to New York and Washington D.C. to visit the Swedish and Bolivian Embassies to try to get help for Dario from his own countries. As I stated above, we are not attorneys and we do not give legal advice.  The role we play is to investigate and monitor the system to assure that Dario’s rights are recognized and protected by the court and everyone involved in his cases.  We assist our clients in research and review of their cases.  We help them gather evidence to prove civil rights violations.  We refer our clients to relevant agents and agencies that may be able to offer support, assistance and/or relief.  If our client’s want or need an attorney we assist them in screening attorneys for competency. Dario has made it clear to his attorney, family and friends/advocates that he wants to fight his case because he is innocent.  Dario maintains no involvement in criminal activities.  Dario maintains that Detective Raymond Floyd from Troy, Missouri has been harassing him for quite some time and that he doesn’t trust Floyd. 

He believes that Floyd manipulated the co-defendants into implicating him because Lincoln County wants him out of their county for standing up to their judges.

There are so many questions that come to mind in this case they are almost too numerous to mention like why didn’t any of the other officers involved in the search file reports?  Isn’t it standard procedure for every officer involved in a search and arrest to file a report?  If so, where are the reports?   I believe there are a lot of questions that need to be asked of the United States before this case goes to trial.  If this case does go to trial; Dario does not believe that he will get a fair trial because of all of the discrimination against him in Lincoln County.  He feels that the federal court and the U.S. Attorney’s office have been manipulated by Lincoln County.  I agree. Police officers in Lincoln County have accused Dario of “hating Americans.” They tried to influence other officers in other jails against Dario.  They accused Dario of being the leader of a “Freemen’s Cult.”  (See attachments to Dr. Freibott’s letter) It is going to be very hard for Dario Busch to trust the American Justice system after what has been done to him and as well, as representatives of the public’s interest in this case; I believe the case has become too corrupt for the United States to assure Dario and the American people that there will be fairness and equal protection in this case.  I would rather see Dario deported back to one of his countries than prosecuted in federal court in the state of Missouri. Prepared by:  Raina G. Weiser, MA – Executive Director – April 17, 2010

———End of Raina’s Letter/Synopsis————————————-<

So, now you read how it looks like from “the outside”…

So.. as you can see… I am fighting 3 battles… simultaneously…

  1. Medically,
  2. Clinically, and
  3. Civilly,

Obviously designed to overwhelm me and break me down.

As you can see… This is clearly is one of the most interesting, yet, painfully devastating situations we have ever seen, much less being a part of. This is stuff you can’t believe happens in america, but alas, it happen to me. It is still happening to me… and you may watch (if you want).

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Six, seven, eight, and nine figure incomes common in these industries (huh?)

Get ready for one of a kind CONSCIOUS venture and get ready to GROW!

Yes, we can change the World into a better place filled with Love, not War. And we can do so “With a Little help from Our Friends” (I will train all my friends 100% in a simple step by step power training fashion that produce amazing results you’ve never experienced anywhere else before and won’t get elsewhere else even if you “pay some Guru a fortune”, Crazy?, rEvolutionary?). Look at this whole “thing” as a “Self Help Support System Extreme” which could maybe make this Country “By the People and For the People” as it is told to us to be? Maybe we can turn Tyranny into Freedom? I am just “opening the right doors”, you must enter and “Play”. From the comfort of a laptop and a cell phone, it can be “Kind of” marketing “something” that everyone wants (and needs) at an “affordable price” (Absolutely Free)? This way, you always know I have your and your team member’s best interest in mind, I am not “Peddling” anything, and the “plan of action” is clear (Freedom) and love goes both ways? It would be great if we can “break out” the recycled building material in the process? (help me – I share?) I believe in Humanity, Honesty, Ethics, and Integrity, do you? Send people to your Affiliate Site and always keep Donating to “the cause”.


PS: I have put people in place would something unexpected happen to me… As I said above, I need to help you make money… BIG MONEY!

TODAY… I need you to help me find “rich people” (or entities) that would like to be a part of a super cool environmental and humanitarian project as financiers (money backers/investors) and i will cut you in a senior partner in the deals (In ADDITION to your Affiliate Compensation)

I will arm you with:

  1. A Free affiliate site and step by step instructions
  2. Executive summaries on the building material (PDF)
  3. Enter you into the Free affiliate 7 level deep Compensation Plan

All you need to do is to follow simple 1-2-3 instructions

First step is: Tell 100 people you care about about your web site and make sure they are signed up under you, this will Qualify You For Life for all levels (Fully vested & transferable to “next to kin” of your choice). Take People to your site and tell them to sign up or sign them up with their permission (see “The System” in “Free Affiliate Toolbox”).

So you have a free affiliate web site:[username]

now… step 1…

  1. Send it to your mailing list,
  2. tell all your friends about it,
  3. facebook it,
  4. youtube it,
  5. twitter it,
  6. MySpace it,
  7. etc. etc.

Let’s make this baby GROW!

NOTE: You will notice a few sections on the site are still under construction, awesome stuff is being posted there, just look at the section’s titles, absolutely awesome, your patience is appreciated, and well worth it….


You will need the “Confidential Protected Posts Password” to access this and all other “confidential Free Affiliate Only sections”.

Ok… I hope I didn’t confuse you too much with this…

And if I did… I am sorry… we can fix that! Come to the tele conference calls and I will explain further and answer your questions, ok? In addition, we will discuss some pretty deep stuff of what I just went through and what we all are in the middle of… THE MATRIX?

So yes, I ended up, victoriousbut their torture eventually killed me?

I”ll see you on the conference call…

Freedom! Much Love… Peace,


Freedom Baby! – Life is short, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably…

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