Let’s start with a question…

If you could make $1,000 the same day that you buy a house, would you do it?

Or more specifically, would you accept $1,000 fee for buying a house for someone else?

Uhhhhh… only a grand per house?

Skinny huh?

My friend Larry used to do just that… is he a dumbass?


I agree, $1,000 is not nearly enough to buy a house for someone…

But… as to dumbass…

Larry would buy like 10-30 houses each day…

72 in one day was his record, from one bank, lol.

Larry was hooked up with 9 of the biggest real estate buyers in St Louis, basically bigtime wealthy landlords, and he was simply their “bird dog”.

Larry simply fetched houses which the Landlords rented out.

Larry would find a house, run the numbers, and buy it in their name.

Larry received a $1,000 fee for every house he bought for them.

Yeah, Larry was making $10,000 – $30,000 a day, some days more, lol.

So Larry’s trick was in volume, he would never leave a sale with less than 5 houses bought.

A “sale” is an auction.

The daily foreclosure sale was his “noon sale” wich was after the “morning sale” and before the “afternoon sale” that Larry attended to daily, in a leizure suit, lol.

Driving a black brand new 500SL.

And he paid for nothing at the club, everyone wined and dined Larry because Larry ment them “making big money with real estate while playing golf”.

Nice gig huh?

Badass lifestyle, I was there so I know, lol.

Going to auctions and winning the bids is simple, the trick was HIS BUYERS, so how did Larry get his buyers?

At the morning, noon, and afternoon sales, duh?

Yup, ridiculously simple huh?

At the sales, Larry simply talked the competition into letting him do the bidding at the sales for them so they could go play golf instead.


But there is one key factor I didn’t mention…

I coached Larry into the business… lol…

It took me less than 6 months to get him to this level

At month #3 I told him to go convince the competition at the next sale to “let him do all their bidding while they played golf” and it all snowballed from there.

See what can happen when you are coachable and do exactly as I say?

And you thought it was just a slogan, lol.

Yeah, I thought Larry how to find the houses and run the numbers…

And the numbers are key.

If the numbers don’t work then the deal is dead.

If the numbers work the you have a deal.

That’s how simple Real Estate is

So simple even a Trump can do it, lol.

And I bet $1 that you can’t find a better coach and partner than me.

Just pointing out that Larry was my student partner and telling you how far Larry took it by being coachable.

Maybe you go party some heavyhitters down and convince them  that you should do all their buying and live Larry’s lifestyle in style.

Larry moved to California and we lost contact but I’m sure he still does the very same thing still, don’t you?

Maybe you are even more coachable than Larry and triple what he made?

Maybe… maybe… maybe… IF…




There is obviously much more to it, this sample lesson is simplified, and I can teach you if you are coachable.

Are you coachable?

I have a simple “Mr. Myagi type wipe on / wipe off” approach that has worked on my entire team of students the past 20 years.

Please create a numbered list of questions about this lesson and give it to me so I can answer your questions in writing, that way there are no missunderstandings, ok?

Want me coaching you and even going with you?

Upgrade for $333 and partner with me (affiliates only)



Or if you don’t want to partner with me, please order for $5,000 at https://dariobusch.com/products/


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