No, not THAT Tom Jones, lol.

Tom was a surgeon with perfect credit that wanted a passive ongoing secured investment so he came to me referred by his Realtor friend Mitch.

I had done numerous deals with Mitch while having lunch at Chevy’s, love their Chips & Salsa, heavenly chimichangas.

To make a long sory short, here is what I set up for Tom

Not the best deal in the world but good enough for Jazz.


A 60 unit apartment complex with a $100 positive cash flow per unit and 90% OCCUPIED SECTION 8 which means that the government pays the rent and you never have to chase tenants to collect rent.


Can’t get more automated and safer than that, huh?


At 90% occupancy, that’s a $5,400 check from the government every single month and for a guy making $10,000 as a surgeon it means I just gave him a 50% raise.


I sell money, not Real Estate, in this case I sold a $5,400 monthly profit to Tom and not a 60 SEC 8 apartments, capisce?

Did Tom have to put any money on the table?

Sure, but only about 7,000 and he got back $27,000 the same day before he left the closing table, so you could say it was better than “no money down”, right?


We ended up doing a total of about 72 similar SECTION 8 deals with Tom who was just one of my clients that became ridiculously wealthy thanks to me.

And there lays my motivation…

I love the feeling of people’s gratitude, am I bad?


My money was already made in “the deal”, before they got involved in it, or I was out the second they were in, or sometimes I stayed in the deal with them.

So that day at closing… and for years to come…

1) I made more money than the Client made
2) I made more money than both Realtors made
3) I spent none of my own money nor did I need my credit.

And that was like that on every single deal…

I had dozens of clients, from small Landlord/Investor accounts like Tom’s all the way to multi billion dollar mutual fund accounts that we did malls, warehouses, subdivisions, and highrises with.

Yes, mutual funds work great with real estate too, duh?

And needless to say, aside the millions, you make friendships for life with people that can maoe things happen, that’s priceless.

So if you want to make money, why can you not do the same thing I did?

Ah… lol… maybe you don’t know how…  “the devil is in the details”…

1) If you can’t find them then you can’t run the numbers…

2) If you can’t run the numbers you can’t make the deal work…

3) If you can’t structure a good deal the you don’t want the deal.


There is obviously much more to it, this sample lesson is simplified, and I can teach you if you are coachable.

Are you coachable?

I have a simple “Mr. Myagi type wipe on / wipe off” approach that has worked on my entire team of students the past 20 years.

Want me coaching you and even going with you?


Upgrade at https://dariobusch.com/upgrade

In detail…

1) Make sure you login at https://dariobusch.com/wp-login.php first so that the site knows it is you.

2) Go to https://dariobusch.com/upgrade/, click the checkout button, and complete the transaction

3) Follow my written instructions and when you need me reach me at https://dariobusch.com/contact/

We’ll discuss details and specifics in one on one training.

All Free Sample Lessons that will last you a lifetime are at https://dariobusch.com/freebies

To review our partnership then please read https://dariobusch.com/partnership/

Much Love, Peace


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