Afte whst feels like an eternity of endless hours driving on the world famous Deathroad in Bolivia you arrive in Paradise, pass Nirvana, and into my farm, please come visit but do not show up unannounced or I will probably kill you and that’s no joke at all so please don’t, I startle easy and if not sure if it’s a puma or human aproaching I will shoot to kill hit me n facebook and tell me you ae on your way with at least 3 days notice.

This is where I humbly live a small cottage in the middle of paradise built with stones and dirt from the construction site itself and about 50 meters away (video 2) is the another cottage so there is room for you and your loved ones to come visit me anytime for as long as you like. Additionally, there are a few more similar cottages coming up because I do have hundreds of good personal friends, around 5,000 facebook friends  at any given time and over 10,000 business associates (affiliates) that are welcome to my house anytime so I  want to have room just in case a bunch of them get the idea of visiting simultaneously, lol. 😛